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About Global BRTData

The BRTData is a Project of Across Latitudes and Cultures – Bus Rapid Transit (ALC-BRT), a Centre of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit. The platform construction and data collect are the result of a partnership between the ALC-BRT members, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Latin American Association of Integrated Transport Systems and BRT (SIBRT). Currently, the BRTData is managed and updated by WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities.





System name

The name of the BRT, BHLS or bus corridor system.

Region Country City Value Year Source
Africa Nigeria Lagos Lagos BRT
Africa South Africa Cape Town MyCiti 2015
Africa South Africa Johannesburg Rea Vaya 2015
Africa Tanzania Dar es Salaam DART 2016
Asia China Beijing Beijing BRT
Asia China Changde Changde BRT
Asia China Changzhou Changzhou BRT
Asia China Chengdu Chengdu BRT 2013
Asia China Chongqing Chongqing BRT
Asia China Dalian Dalian BRT
Asia China Guangzhou Guangzhou BRT
Asia China Hangzhou Hangzhou BRT
Asia China Hefei Hefei BRT
Asia China Jinan Jinan BRT
Asia China Kunming Busways
Asia China Lanzhou Lanzhou BRT
Asia China Lianyungang Lianyugang BRT
Asia China Urumqi Urumqi BRT
Asia China Xiamen Xiamen BRT
Asia China Yancheng Yancheng BRT
Asia China Yichang Yichang BRT 2015
Asia China Yinchuan Yinchuan BRT
Asia China Zaozhuang Zaozhuang BRT
Asia China Zhengzhou Zhengzhou BRT
Asia India Ahmedabad Janmarg
Asia India Bhopal MyBus
Asia India Indore ibus
Asia India Jaipur Jaipur Bus
Asia India Pune - Primpi-Chinchwad Rainbow BRT 2016
Asia India Rajkot Rajpath
Asia India Surat SitiLink 2014
Asia Indonesia Jakarta TransJakarta
Asia Iran Isfahan Isfahan BRT
Asia Iran Tabriz Tabriz BRT
Asia Iran Tehran Tehran BRT
Asia Israel Haifa Metronit 2015
Asia Japan Kesennuma - Tome
Asia Japan Nagoya Yutorito Line
Asia Malaysia Subang Jaya BRT Sunway Line 2015
Asia Pakistan Islamabad - Rawalpindi Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus 2015
Asia Pakistan Lahore Lahore Metro Bus System
Asia Republic of Korea Seoul Median bus lanes
Asia Taiwan Chiayi Chiayi BRT
Asia Taiwan Taichung Taichung BRT
Asia Taiwan Taipei Busways
Asia Thailand Bangkok Bangkok BRT
Europe Belgium Liège
Europe Czech Republic Prague PT Bus
Europe Finland Helsinki Runkolinja 550 2014
Europe France Belfort Optymo BHNS
Europe France Caen Twisto TVR
Europe France Cannes Le Palm Express
Europe France Châlon-sur-Saône Flash
Europe France Douai Le Tram
Europe France Evry Tice 2014
Europe France La Rochelle ILLICO
Europe France Le Mans Tempo 2016
Europe France Lille Liane
Europe France Lorient BHLS
Europe France Lyon C-lignes
Europe France Maubeuge BHLS - Viavil
Europe France Metz Mettis
Europe France Nancy TVR (GLT)
Europe France Nantes BusWay
Europe France Nice Ligne d'azur
Europe France Nîmes Tango 2015
Europe France Paris TVM, RATP, T ZEN
Europe France Rouen TEOR
Europe France Saint-Nazaire Hélyce
Europe France Strasbourg Ligne G du BHNS de Strasbourg
Europe France Toulouse BSP
Europe Germany Essen The Spurbus
Europe Germany Hamburg The MetroBus Line 5
Europe Germany Oberhausen ÖPNV-Trasse 2011 COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Europe Ireland Dublin QBC
Europe Italy Brescia The LAM network
Europe Italy Prato LAM
Europe Netherlands Almere MAXX
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam Zuidtangent BRT
Europe Netherlands Eindhoven Phileas
Europe Netherlands Enschede HOV lines
Europe Netherlands Utrecht TVM
Europe Portugal Lisbon 24 de Julho Corridor
Europe Spain Barcelona RetBus 2011
Europe Spain Castellón TUCS 2017
Europe Spain Granada Línea de Alta Capacidad (LAC) 2015
Europe Spain Madrid Bus VAO 2014
Europe Sweden Gothenburg Stombuss
Europe Sweden Jonkoping PT
Europe Sweden Stockholm Stockholm BHLS (The trunk network for Buses)
Europe Switzerland Zurich VBZ zurich
Europe Turkey Istanbul Metrobüs 2015
Europe United Kingdom Greater Manchester Vantage 2016, only Leigh - Manchester Busway
Europe United Kingdom Bradford Manchester Road
Europe United Kingdom Cambridge Cambridgeshire Guided Busway
Europe United Kingdom Crawley Fastway
Europe United Kingdom Edinburgh Fastlink
Europe United Kingdom Fareham - Gosport Eclipse
Europe United Kingdom Kent Fastrack
Europe United Kingdom Leeds Superbus
Europe United Kingdom London East London Transit
Europe United Kingdom Luton FTR train to plane
Europe United Kingdom Runcorn Runcorn Busway
Europe United Kingdom Swansea FTMetro
Europe United Kingdom York FTR
Latin America Argentina Buenos Aires Metrobus
Latin America Argentina Córdoba Solo Bus 2014
Latin America Argentina Rosario
Latin America Brazil Belém
Latin America Brazil Belo Horizonte MOVE 2014, only corridors Antônio Carlos, Cristiano Machado and Área Central are part of MOVE system
Latin America Brazil Blumenau
Latin America Brazil Brasília
Latin America Brazil Campinas
Latin America Brazil Campo Grande Sistema Integrado de Transportes
Latin America Brazil Caxias do Sul
Latin America Brazil Criciúma
Latin America Brazil Curitiba Rede Integrada de Transporte
Latin America Brazil Feira de Santana
Latin America Brazil Fortaleza Sistema Integrado de Transportes
Latin America Brazil Goiânia Rede Metropolitana de Transporte Coletivo
Latin America Brazil Guarulhos
Latin America Brazil Jaboatão dos Guararapes
Latin America Brazil João Pessoa Corredor de Ônibus de João Pessoa
Latin America Brazil Joinville
Latin America Brazil Juiz de Fora
Latin America Brazil Londrina
Latin America Brazil Maceió
Latin America Brazil Natal Sistema Integrado de Transportes
Latin America Brazil Niterói
Latin America Brazil Olinda Sistema Estrutural Integrado (Leste-Oeste)
Latin America Brazil Porto Alegre
Latin America Brazil Recife Via Livre 2014, only corridors Norte-Sul and Leste-Oeste
Latin America Brazil Rio de Janeiro BRT Rio 2014, only corridors TransOeste, TransOlímpica and TransCarioca
Latin America Brazil Salvador Sistema de Transporte Coletivo por Ônibus de Salvador
Latin America Brazil Santos
Latin America Brazil São Paulo
Latin America Brazil São Paulo - Metropolitan area Corredor Metropolitano ABD
Latin America Brazil Sorocaba
Latin America Brazil Sumaré
Latin America Brazil Teresina
Latin America Brazil Uberaba VETOR 2015
Latin America Brazil Uberlândia Sistema Integrado de Transportes de Uberlândia 2013
Latin America Chile Concepción
Latin America Chile Santiago Transantiago corridors
Latin America Colombia Barranquilla Transmetro
Latin America Colombia Bogotá TransMilenio
Latin America Colombia Bucaramanga Metrolínea
Latin America Colombia Cali MIO
Latin America Colombia Cartagena Transcaribe 2016
Latin America Colombia Medellín Metroplús
Latin America Colombia Pereira Megabús
Latin America Ecuador Guayaquil Metrovía
Latin America Ecuador Quito Metrobus-Q
Latin America El Salvador Gran San Salvador SITRAMSS
Latin America Guatemala Guatemala Transmetro
Latin America Mexico Acapulco Acabús
Latin America Mexico Chihuahua ViveBús
Latin America Mexico Guadalajara Macrobús
Latin America Mexico Guadalupe TransMetro
Latin America Mexico Juárez EcoViveBús 2016
Latin America Mexico León de los Aldama Sistema Integrado de Transporte Optibus
Latin America Mexico Mexico City Metrobús
Latin America Mexico Mexico City - Metropolitan Area Mexibús
Latin America Mexico Monterrey Ecovía
Latin America Mexico Pachuca Tuzobús 2015
Latin America Mexico Puebla Red Urbana de Transporte Articulado (RUTA) 
Latin America Panama Panama Metrobús
Latin America Peru Lima Metropolitano
Latin America Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain - Arima
Latin America Uruguay Montevideo Sistema de Transporte Metropolitano
Latin America Venezuela Barquisimeto Transbarca
Latin America Venezuela Caracas BusCaracas
Latin America Venezuela Merida Tromerca
Northern America Canada Brampton Züm 2015
Northern America Canada Gatineau Rapibus
Northern America Canada Halifax Metrolink
Northern America Canada Ottawa Transitway
Northern America Canada Vancouver TransLink
Northern America Canada Waterloo iXpress 2015
Northern America Canada Winnipeg RT
Northern America Canada York Regional Municipality Viva
Northern America United States Albuquerque Rapid Ride 2015
Northern America United States Alexandria - Arlington Metroway 2016
Northern America United States Boston MBTA Silver Line
Northern America United States Chicago BRTChicago
Northern America United States Cleveland HealthLine
Northern America United States Eugene EmX
Northern America United States Fort Collins MAX BRT
Northern America United States Hartford County CTFastrak
Northern America United States Kansas City MAX
Northern America United States Las Vegas RTC Express Routes
Northern America United States Los Angeles
Northern America United States Miami South Miami-Dade Busway
Northern America United States New York Select Bus Service (SBS) 2010
Northern America United States Oakland San Pablo Rapid
Northern America United States Orlando LYNX Lymmo
Northern America United States Phoenix LINK
Northern America United States Pittsburgh Pittsburgh BRT
Northern America United States San Bernardino sbX
Northern America United States San Diego SuperLoop
Northern America United States Snohomish County Swift
Northern America United States Stockton Metro Express 2015
Oceania Australia Adelaide O-Bahn
Oceania Australia Brisbane Brisbane Busway
Oceania Australia Sydney - Metropolitan Area T-way
Oceania New Zealand Auckland Northern Busway