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About Global BRTData

The BRTData gathers information on bus priority systems in cities around the world. The platform is source of research for academics, journalists, students and municipal technicians, as well as provides technical background for decision making regarding public transport.

The data presented contemplate BRT systems (Bus Rapid Transit - median-aligned and segregated bus lanes, pre-board fare collection, and platform-level boarding) and bus priority systems: cities with dedicated bus lanes, but without some of the elements of a BRT. The website allows the user to know the systems and corridors of each city, compare indicators and generate graphs.

The BRTData was developed by BRT+ CoE, a Center of Excellence in BRT, and by WRI, with collaboration of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). The platform is monthly updated with reliable data and verified by WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.





Infrastructure cost per kilometer (US$ million per km)

Cost of bus priority infrastructure, stations, terminals and depots, divided by the length of the system, in kilometers. This includes construction and property expropriation costs, but excludes side lanes for mixed traffic. Data in US dollars.

Region Country City Value Year Source
Latin America Argentina Buenos Aires 1,025 Calculated using corridors data
Latin America Argentina Buenos Aires - Metropolitan Area 5,639 2017
Latin America Argentina Córdoba
Latin America Brazil Belém
Latin America Brazil Belo Horizonte 11,700 2016, only for MOVE corridors
Latin America Brazil Brasília
Latin America Brazil Campinas
Latin America Brazil Criciúma
Latin America Brazil Curitiba
Latin America Brazil Fortaleza
Latin America Brazil Goiânia
Latin America Brazil Guarulhos
Latin America Brazil Juiz de Fora
Latin America Brazil Londrina
Latin America Brazil Natal
Latin America Brazil Niterói
Latin America Brazil Porto Alegre
Latin America Brazil Recife
Latin America Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Latin America Brazil São Paulo 10,083 2016, only for Expresso Tiradentes (Eixo Sudeste) corridor
Latin America Brazil São Paulo - Metropolitan area
Latin America Brazil Sumaré
Latin America Brazil Teresina
Latin America Brazil Uberaba
Latin America Brazil Uberlândia 0,593 2013
Latin America Brazil Sorocaba
Latin America Brazil Maringá 0,974 2016
Latin America Chile Concepción
Latin America Chile Santiago 5,730 2010, calculated using corridors data
Latin America Colombia Barranquilla
Latin America Colombia Bogotá 26,530 2009, calculated using corridors data
Latin America Colombia Bucaramanga
Latin America Colombia Cali 7,897 2014
Latin America Colombia Cartagena
Latin America Colombia Medellín
Latin America Colombia Pereira
Latin America Ecuador Guayaquil 0,860 2013 Metrovía
Latin America Ecuador Quito 2,990 calculated using corridors data
Latin America El Salvador Gran San Salvador 5,727
Latin America Guatemala Guatemala 2,600
Latin America Mexico Acapulco 4,992 2016
Latin America Mexico Chihuahua
Latin America Mexico Guadalajara 2,900
Latin America Mexico Guadalupe 10,940
Latin America Mexico Juárez
Latin America Mexico León de los Aldama 1,078 Dirección General de Movilidad
Latin America Mexico Mexico City 2,880 Calculated using corridors data
Latin America Mexico Mexico City - Metropolitan Area
Latin America Mexico Monterrey
Latin America Mexico Pachuca
Latin America Mexico Puebla
Latin America Mexico Tijuana
Latin America Panama Panama
Latin America Peru Lima
Latin America Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain - Arima
Latin America Uruguay Montevideo
Latin America Venezuela Barquisimeto
Latin America Venezuela Caracas
Latin America Venezuela Merida 2,115 2005 María Alejandra Guilarte Castro, Former president of Trolmerida
Oceania Australia Adelaide 7,635 1989 Adelaide, Australia: O-Bahn guided busway
Oceania Australia Brisbane
Oceania Australia Sydney - Metropolitan Area 15,717 Average of corridors
Oceania New Caledonia Nouméa
Oceania New Zealand Auckland
Europe Belgium Liège
Europe Finland Helsinki
Europe France Belfort 8,480 2013
Europe France Caen 19,618 2010 ITDP (2007) Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide ; CERTU 2010
Europe France Cannes
Europe France Châlon-sur-Saône
Europe France Douai 4,647 2010 Viva 2010 ( ); ;
Europe France Evry
Europe France La Rochelle
Europe France Le Mans
Europe France Lille
Europe France Lorient
Europe France Lyon
Europe France Maubeuge
Europe France Metz 12,430 2013
Europe France Nancy 16,917 2010 CERTU 2010
Europe France Nantes 10,440 2007 ITDP (2007) Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide ; Rambaud 2006 ; CERTU 2010 ;
Europe France Nîmes
Europe France Paris
Europe France Rouen 8,300 2011 ITDP (2007) Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide ; Jane's Urban Transport Systems 2010-2011 ; CERTU 2010
Europe France Saint-Nazaire
Europe France Strasbourg
Europe France Toulouse 6,273 2010 Viva 2010 ( ); CERTU 2010
Europe Germany Essen
Europe Germany Oberhausen 17,410 1999 exchange rate
Europe Netherlands Almere
Europe Netherlands Amsterdam
Europe Netherlands Eindhoven
Europe Netherlands Enschede 3,750 2011 COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Europe Netherlands Utrecht
Europe Spain Castellón 14,400 2011 COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Europe Spain Granada
Europe Sweden Gothenburg 1,670 2011 COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Europe Sweden Jonkoping
Europe Sweden Stockholm
Europe Switzerland Zurich
Europe Turkey Istanbul
Europe United Kingdom Cambridge
Europe United Kingdom Fareham - Gosport
Europe United Kingdom Greater Manchester 3,716 2016, calculated using corridors data
Europe United Kingdom Kent 24,220 2007
Europe United Kingdom Luton
Europe United Kingdom Runcorn 0,777 2001
Europe United Kingdom Swansea
Northern America Canada Calgary
Northern America Canada Gatineau
Northern America Canada Mississauga
Northern America Canada Ottawa 8,300 2007 Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP)
Northern America Canada Winnipeg
Northern America Canada Quebec
Northern America Canada York Regional Municipality 26,775 2011, projected
Northern America United States Albuquerque
Northern America United States Alexandria - Arlington 5,000 2014
Northern America United States Cleveland
Northern America United States Eugene 1,870 2007
Northern America United States Fort Collins
Northern America United States Hartford County 37,550 2015
Northern America United States Las Vegas 3,608 2012, calculated using corridors data
Northern America United States Los Angeles 16,690 2012
Northern America United States Miami
Northern America United States New York 0,596 2013
Northern America United States Orlando 4,047 2007 Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP) 2007
Northern America United States Pittsburgh 5,435 2007, calculated using corridors data Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP) 2007
Northern America United States Richmond
Northern America United States San Bernardino
Asia China Beijing
Asia China Changde
Asia China Changzhou 4,400 2011 Viva 2010 ( );
Asia China Chengdu
Asia China Chongqing
Asia China Dalian 2,600 2011
Asia China Guangzhou
Asia China Hangzhou 0,450 2007 Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP) 2007
Asia China Hefei
Asia China Jinan
Asia China Kunming
Asia China Lanzhou
Asia China Lianyungang
Asia China Urumqi
Asia China Xiamen
Asia China Yancheng
Asia China Yichang 0,555 2015
Asia China Yinchuan
Asia China Zaozhuang
Asia China Zhengzhou
Asia India Ahmedabad 2,400 2013
Asia India Amritsar
Asia India Bhopal 2,460 2013
Asia India Hubballi-Dharwad
Asia India Indore
Asia India Jaipur 0,389 2011 Interview with JCTSL officials,EMBARQ
Asia India Pune - Primpi-Chinchwad 1,958 2015
Asia India Rajkot
Asia India Surat
Asia Indonesia Jakarta
Asia Iran Isfahan
Asia Iran Tabriz
Asia Iran Tehran
Asia Israel Haifa
Asia Japan Kesennuma - Tome
Asia Japan Nagoya 46,500 2007 Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP) 2007 ;
Asia Malaysia Subang Jaya
Asia Pakistan Islamabad - Rawalpindi 20,000 2015
Asia Pakistan Lahore 11,540 2013 Lahore Metrobus System
Asia Republic of Korea Seoul
Asia Taiwan Chiayi
Asia Taiwan Taichung 67,000 2014
Asia Taiwan Taipei 0,350 2007 Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (ITDP) 2007
Asia Thailand Bangkok
Asia Vietnam Hanoi
Africa Nigeria Lagos 1,700 2010 Viva 2010 ( ); Trans-Africa Consortium 2010 ;
Africa South Africa Cape Town
Africa South Africa Johannesburg 11,980 2013, calculated using corridors data
Africa South Africa Pretoria
Africa Tanzania Dar es Salaam 8,130 2018 DAR RAPID TRANSIT AGENCY